Blushing Rose Bridal Boutique: Now Open!

 Calling all Milton brides-to-be!  Are you looking for a great local boutique style shop where you can purchase that wedding gown you have been dreaming about?  Well, look no further.  Yesterday morning I attended the grand opening ceremony and ribbon cutting for an exciting new bridal boutique here in my hometown, Milton Ontario.   

Co Owners of Blushing Rose Bridal Boutique,  Ola Potocka and Karolina Wilczynska
perform the official ribbon cutting ceremony with Milton Mayor 
 Gordan Krants 

Blushing Rose Bridal Boutique, located right in the heart of new Milton at the corner of Thompson and Derry, was the gathering place for wedding industry professionals, friends, supporters, local press, and Milton’s Mayor Gordon Krantz this past Wednesday as they officially opened their doors for business. 

Cara Cassidy of Cara Mia Events With Milton Mayor Gordon Krantz
at the Blushing Rose Bridal Boutique Grand Opening.

After the ceremony, I caught up with co-owner Ola Potocka to ask her a few questions about what we can expect to see with her new boutique. 

See what she Ola had to say about Blushing Rose Bridal Boutique.

1.  Why did you choose to open a bridal boutique?  Why in Milton?  

“We love Milton and even when we were finalizing a location we realized how over saturated Mississauga and even Oakville was so it honestly was not a difficult choice for us anyways! I have family that lives here and know how clean and happy the town is! We have always been in fashion, a family member owned a bridal boutiques up north and I have personally worked with haute couture designers myself with events and sponsorship packages. Even my first retail job in highschool was women's fashion, Winners!”

2.  What kind of atmosphere and service are you offering to brides?
“Oh we hope to bring a fresh and young vibe to the wedding fashion industry, we respect anyone that comes through our doors, be it a bride to be or someone browsing out of curiosity. We are very proud, excited and also know deep down we carry good quality products, customer service is a definitely a top priority!”

3.  What is one thing about your boutique that sets you apart form others?
“I love every single dress in my boutique, they are all different and all beautiful. We hand picked every single item to be displayed, even chose our designers, not only the most popular but ones we felt were unique and had well crafted dresses. I'm sure our passion and drive shine through to our brides. We have had excellent feedback and love being apart of the experience when a bride finds her perfect dress and we get to see her face light up.”

4.  Do you currently have any promotions running?
“We will always have promotions running! Currently with a purchase of a wedding gown our brides receive a free hair piece, be it a tiara, hair pin or bird cage veil. We also put our bride's name in a draw to win her dress free, the draw will take place right before Christmas, perfect Christmas gift! But most exciting is we have just implemented brand new lowered fall pricing to help our brides with their wedding budget. We also have 3 surprise gifts in store so anyone can come in and fill in a ballot. PLUS all our sample gowns are on sale, they are brand new but also offered for sale at a discounted price... for those shot gun weddings!”

5.  Is there anything else that you would like my readers to know about your boutique?
“We love what we do, we could not be more excited and happy to be able to provide our high quality products and customer service to Milton and looking forward for a long lasting relationship and sustaining business!”

So, there you have it… if you are in the area, pop in and check it out and say hello to Ola & Karolina!