Can I get a quote?

Not surprisingly one of the first things that most clients ask for is a quote- and it the first thing I would want to know as well.  But it isn't that simple.  Each wedding that I plan is as unique (photo gallery) as the couple that I am working with - no two are alike and a one-size-fits-all pricing structure doesn't seem fair to anyone.

Usually the best way to determine your custom quote is to sit down together, have a coffee and chat (free of charge of course) is so I can hear a bit about what you have in mind for your wedding.  I need to know how big/small, fancy/casual, elaborate/simple your vision is and your specific needs from your planner.

When we sit down for our initial meeting we will spend approximately one hour getting to know each other.  I will ask you about what you have in mind for your wedding and what you have in place (if anything) so far.  I will go over the service options that are available to you and together we can determine your needs. 

After I have all the details, I can determine a custom quote for service.  I use your answers to help me determine the number of hours it will take me to create your vision and I multiply that by the cost/hour for time and expenses.  

So… How long DOES it take to plan a wedding? 
Here is the breakdown of MY time spent planning a wedding
The numbers below are REAL numbers from a REAL wedding that I planned this past season.  

Just a few details about the following wedding:  this was a local wedding (Approximately 100 guests) and the couple wanted to keep it "simple, yet elegant" and had an average wedding budget. 

Here is the breakdown of my time on this wedding:

21.75  hours          14 meetings (both with vendors and for planning purposes)  
10.91  hours          Travelling to and from meetings                                 
28.08  hours          I received/sent (337! )emails in regards to this wedding (approx 5 minutes/email)                       
09.50  hours          Researching potential vendors and venues
07.50  hours          Working on story boards and design ideas    
09.00  hours          Creating/maintaining budgets, planning schedules, itineraries,             
                              floor plans, set up checklists, contact sheets etc                                                                                                               
24.50 hours           On Site for the Wedding Day and Rehearsal (Time includes 1 assistant)                                
That is a total of 111.24 hours not counting all of the quick phone calls and text messages of which there were too many to count and record! ;)

Need more information or want to set up an initial meeting with me? Send me an email and we can set up a time to chat.  Click here to email me!