So, you’re engaged? Now what?

Congratulations, you are about to embark an amazing journey; planning your wedding.  I know it can be stressful and maybe a little overwhelming, so just to get you started, here are just a few tips that will start you off on the right track:

1.   Determine your wedding budget:  This is SOOOOOOOO important and I can not stress this enough.  Before you book ANYTHING (and I mean ANYTHING) – sit down with your fiancé (and anyone else who may be involved in the finances of your wedding) and have a frank conversation about your hard lines in terms of budget. Do a little research and see how much you will realistically require to cover your needs (according to Wedding Bells 2015 Survey the average Canadian Wedding with 129 guests cost around $30, 717 including the honeymoon).

2.   Although you may already have good idea of the style of wedding you want (and some of you may already have a fully stocked pinterest board) if you haven’t given it much thought, now is the time start thinking about it.  Get a few magazines, browse online, look at what others have done, find out what you like and more importantly what you DON’T like – building this vision will help you to pick the right vendors/locations. 

3.   Start writing out a rough guest list to determine the scale of your wedding – a rough estimate at this point is all you need.

4.   Hire your wedding planner – research and hire a well trained, WPIC certified wedding planner who is right for you (check out my blog post about initial meetings and how to be prepared to meet your vendors) and they can help guide you throughout the planning process.

5.   A good way for you and your wedding planner to start booking vendors is to first focus on what I like to call the big three: Your Ceremony Venue (and Officiant if it is not included with your location), Your Reception Venue and your Photographer.  Once you have these three things in place you have your wedding, and you can slowly build from here.

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