Beat the Heat - Part 2: Summer Wedding Beauty Tips

Photo by:Regis Andrade

One thing we know for sure is that you want to look HOT on your wedding day – as in sexy, beautiful, gorgeous etc… but a lot of you summer brides fear that the steamy weather could have you looking like a hot-mess instead.  For Part-2 of my ‘Beat the Heat – Summer Wedding Survival' series, I have written a few beauty tips to keep you looking (and feeling) your best even in the steamiest weather.
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Shine control.
Although first instinct may be to load on the pressed powder to eliminate that t-zone shine, it may actually work against you giving you a caked-on look!  Instead, keep your makeup looking light by turning to some blotting papers for shine control - they are quick, convenient and easy to carry with you! 

Staying power.
Invest in a solid makeup primer – it sets a foundation for your makeup and keeps it in place longer... especially in the heat!  Apply your primer after you moisturize your face (don’t forget to use a moisturizer that has a decent SPF) – than apply your makeup as usual. 

Avoid Raccoon Eyes
Cut down the appearance of “raccoon eyes” by staying away from cream based eye shadow – it tends to settle, smear and smudge more in the heat than a powder based shadow.  If you find creams easier to work with, find a powder shadow in the same tone and apply a light dusting overtop of your cream shadow… this will help seal everything in place.  
Don’t forget to finish the look with a good quality waterproof mascara.

Avoid a Sticky Situation
Ok… so, no one likes to talk about it but lets face it ladies: Under a hot dress, in the heat, a little thigh rubbing can cause serious chaffing and uncomfortable red marks! Ouch!  If you tend to have this problem (and don’t worry lots of people do), here is a nifty little trick to make sure that you can still dance the night away.  Just rub a little deodorant on your inner thighs before getting dressed.  This stops the potential sticking and rubbing that causes chaffed legs!  In a pinch, a little bit of baby powder can also do the trick, but won’t hold up all day.

Just a final note before I close, remember if you are purchasing new products for your wedding day, pick them up at least a few weeks in advance and try them all out to avoid any potential allergic reactions on the big day!

If you guys have any great summer beauty tips please leave them in the comments below!