Summer Wedding Survival – Part 1

Happy belated Victoria Day Everyone!  I hope everyone had a chance to relax and get out and enjoy the great weather.  For most of us, the May 2-4 weekend marks the (un)official start of summer and all the sun and fun that comes with it!  With that in mind, I thought this an ideal time to start a blog mini series on summer wedding survival.  So, without further ado...

Part 1:  A few things to consider when planning your summer wedding...

Avoid Peak-Sun Hours (if possible)
If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, consider planning the ceremony either before 10am or after 3pm to avoid the ‘peak’ sun hours - when the sun is at it’s fiercest.  If there is no avoiding a mid-day ceremony, be sure that you have some sort of shade for your guests! Even some cute wedding parasols can make a huge difference!
(*bonus: parasols look great in photos and make excellent favours for guests too!)

Stay Hydrated
Make sure that you plan to have plenty of water available for all of your guests and your wedding party! For a cute way to incorporate this into your wedding consider setting up a “water bar” with pitchers of water flavoured with different fruit combinations. I found some great recipe combinations for flavoured water from Jamie Oliver here! 

Keep your menu fresh and light
Let’s face it, no one wants to eat a big heavy meal when it’s hot out.  Luckily, summer is the perfect season to buy and eat local fruits and veggies – talk to your caterer about local summer options in your area.  

Protect your cake
Make sure when you order your cake for an outdoor wedding that you take the heat into consideration.  Although buttercream icing is delicious, it doesn’t fare well outside in the summer.  Even with the hardier fondant covered cakes, limit the amount of time it will need to be outside, and make sure to place it in a well-covered shaded area. 

Have a Back up Plan in place
Yes, I know, no one wants to believe that rain is possible on THEIR wedding day and I sincerely hope that you get the perfect weather that you have in mind.  Just in case though, it is SO important not only to have a back up plan in place but also a dependable team of people who are ready to make the switch to Plan B if necessary (yet another reason to hire a wedding coordinator...wink wink).  

Next week, for Part 2 of the summer survival guide I have some great bridal beauty tips to make sure that you are looking your best and that your bridal "glow” doesn’t turn into a “shine” in the heat!