Who's Your Planner?

Welcome to the new blog for Cara Mia Events!  This is an exciting day indeed... after over two years of running my own business, I have decided that it is high time that I join world of blogging.  I will be blogging everything weddings/events - tricks and tips of the trade, new exciting trends, local talent, interesting ideas and my adventures in the wedding industry.  I feel, however, that for my first blog post it is fitting to introduce myself to you - so here we go...

So, who is Cara Cassidy?

Cara Cassidy
Cara Mia Events
First and foremost, I am the owner and lead planner for Cara Mia Events, and I love my job!  I love the excitement of the being involved in the planning of an event from the ground up and seeing what began as a vision become a reality.  I love the small details and the personal touches and of course, there is nothing more exciting than the “big day” itself.  I am personally invested in each event that I work on; in fact the night before any big event I am filled with the same excitement and energy that I had the night before my own wedding.

So, how did I come to be a wedding planner?  Well I really think that I have been training for it all my life.  The first job I ever had, at the age of 14, was as a banquet server at a HUGE Italian wedding hall, and it's there that I fell in love with weddings and everything that goes into making them spectacular!  Since this first venture into the world of weddings, I have worked in many related industries (film and television, music, entertainment) and I eventually figured out how combine all of these passions for my true career - planning and coordinating weddings and events!  Perfect!  After about a year working as a coordinator of brand-marketing events I decided to launch my own event company so that I could focus on the types of events that I love so much. I completed my certification through the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (the only Canadian Wedding Coordinator Certification Institution that regulates its members) and began building Cara Mia Events

So as a fun way to start this new blogging adventure I thought I would give you a few fun facts about me

- I used to be a bit of a karaoke junkie – I even hosted karaoke for years in the evenings to pay my way through university.
- I LOVE to bake, cook and eat!  I would eat all day if I could!
- I am married and a mother of two
- My guilty pleasure?  Not surprisingly… I love girly wedding movies (shhhhh don’t tell anyone)
- I hate feet… love shoes… but hate feet. 
- I love all things homemade and creative – I always have a list of projects that I am working on
- I love to travel and hope one day to do a lot more of it!

So, there you have it… my first blog post is in the bag!  Check back often to follow my adventures in planning and to get your fun wedding fix!

I would love to get to know some of you as well… feel free to tell me about yourselves in the comments below, or tell me about an event that you currently planning!